Godin ASC Slim SA Nature ( Pre-orders)

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A solid body electric guitar developed in pursuit of a feeling close to electric
GODIN’s popular solid body model “ACS Slim” is in stock.
Howling, which is the most stressful when used live, has been drastically reduced.
In addition, the nut width is 43.5mm, which is almost the same size as a general steel string guitar
, so not only can you switch from an electric guitar smoothly, but you can also play with a feeling closer to that of an electric guitar .
The pickup is equipped with a completely independent “RMC Custom Piezo PU” for each string.
By avoiding the interference of each string, malfunction with the equipment is suppressed and quick response is possible.
Normal piezo sounds also have separate pickups for each string to produce a clean, crisp, balanced sound.
In addition, you can freely control the guitar synth sound simply by connecting it to the dedicated GK cable that comes with the ROLAND GR-55.
You can instantly control synth-only, piezo-only mixes, and piezo-only sounds.

There are small scratches and dents on the whole, but there is nothing noticeable on the body top. There are some dents on the back of the body, but
it will be invisible during the performance and you may not be concerned about it.
In addition, there are scratches on the center of the head that look like the strings are rubbed, there are traces of a wrench hitting the truss rod adjustment port, and there
are some stains on the fingerboard, but there is no problem with playing and adjusting.
The truss rod can be adjusted for both forward and reverse warpage and the neck condition is good, so it can be used for a long time.

[Neck condition] No problem at present
[Truss rod] There is room
[Fret remaining] About 70% to 60% remaining
[String height on the 12th floor] 6th string side: Approximately 2.0mm 1st string side: Approximately 1.7mm
[Country of origin ] Canada
[Case] ​​Genuine soft case
[Accessories] Wrench
■ Product Rank: B +: There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
■ Serial number: 19332117
■ Weight: 3.30 kg
■ Warranty: 12 months
◆ Color: Natural ◆ Condition: B +: There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
◆ Accessories: Soft case,

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